Editing with Frank is like adding game genie to your creative process. You think you play the game just fine on your own until you experience flying, invincibility, and other superpowers which show you how much more had been possible. Working with Frank on my short story allowed me to see it — as well as my writing process in general — from an entirely new perspective, generating greater aesthetic sensitivity, ambition, and achievement! Much more than an editor, Frank is the sympathetic critic and the inspiring collaborator for whom every writer longs. Thinking I should probably write something soon just for the chance to work with him again.

Erin Rose Glass, Associate Director & Digital Humanities Coordinator at the UC San Diego Center for the Humanities and Co-Founder of Social Paper

First, I just have to say thank you. Second, I have to add, Holy Shit, Frank. I didn’t know what to expect from this developmental editing process, as I’ve never done this before, but I could not have anticipated this level of detail and care and organization. … I can’t thank you enough Frank. I was completely stuck. I couldn’t see the story anymore. Your perspective and critique was exactly what I needed. … I wish I could buy you a beer.

Ty Bo Yule in emailed response to my edit of Chemically Enhanced Butch

Frank is a genius editor and a wonderful collaborator. I’m sure my book wouldn’t have been as successful if it hadn’t been for Frank’s insight and expertise. He challenged me to deepen my characters and themes, taking the book to a whole new level. I look forward to working with Frank on future projects.”

Dana Ridenour, award-winning author of the Lexie Montgomery series.

[Frank] got back to me with his notes on the BLOOD OF SAINTS and if you need a beta-reader, he is definitely someone to go for. His commentary is insightful and he precisely pinpointed the flaws in my manuscript. His feedback was invaluable.

Dorian Dawes, independent author of Mercs!