As an Autistic story editor, it brings me great joy to work with Neurodivergent and otherwise marginalized and genre-expanding speculative fiction authors.

I delight especially in helping horror and science fiction novelists convert readers to fans: by pulling story elements like characterization and worldbuilding into tighter resonance with your themes and vision, I give books the kind of staying power that keeps readers coming back. My feedback will help your next draft build you a sustainable career.

I first began work with individual clients in 2016, but you can find me in literary magazine mastheads dating back to 2009. Along the way, I’ve earned a Fulbright teaching grant, as well as degrees in Creative Writing, English Literature, and an interdisciplinary MA from NYU that focused on horror studies and philosophies of emotion.

In the years since then, I have continually developed my editorial and craft expertise through workshops, conferences, and master classes offered by Editors Canada, the Editorial Freelancers Association, and others.

Most valuable and thrilling of all has been the hands-on experience with authors and their novels, whether they publish independently or through traditional paths.

If you agree that my background and skills are a good fit for your goals, please do drop me a line!