Editing with Frank is like adding game genie to your creative process. You think you play the game just fine on your own until you experience flying, invincibility, and other superpowers which show you how much more had been possible. Working with Frank on my short story allowed me to see it — as well as my writing process in general — from an entirely new perspective, generating greater aesthetic sensitivity, ambition, and achievement! Much more than an editor, Frank is the sympathetic critic and the inspiring collaborator for whom every writer longs. Thinking I should probably write something soon just for the chance to work with him again.

Erin Rose Glass

, Associate Director & Digital Humanities Coordinator at the UC San Diego Center for the Humanities and Co-Founder of

Social Paper

Frank has all the attributes of the type of editor who can make a real difference in an author’s career—not just making a book better but making an author better. I don’t say that lightly or to very many people.

Jennifer Lawler

, Editing Teacher through University of California–San Diego, the Loft Literary Center, and the Editorial Freelancers Association Education Program

Frank did a great job editing my story “Chupacabra” for Anamesa. Frank was the first professional editor I had the opportunity to work with, and the attention and care he gave to my manuscript was wonderful. From the first notice of acceptance through the last comment he wrote, Frank offered insightful, concise suggestions that helped improve my story tremendously without making me feel like I was losing anything in the process. Frank not only helped fixed the details – spelling, punctuation, those odd little grammatical tics we all have – but helped strengthen the voice of the story. As someone who makes his living teaching writing, I truly appreciated Frank’s attention to detail and his manuscript-side manner.
—Christian Aguiar, Adjunct Professor of English
I am very lucky to have had Frank as editor for my paper Design, Infiltrate, Liberate. As a very inexperienced writer and having English as a second language, I am very thankful to have had such a kind and professional guidance through the process. Besides his very attentive eyes to grammar and punctuation, Frank’s advice on content helped me to significantly improve the overall quality of my piece of writing. I definitely recommend his editing services, and I am myself looking forward to future opportunities to collaborate with Frank!

Isabella Brandalise

, Designer

Frank and I worked together for an essay of mine that was eventually published in Fulbright Korea’s Alumni magazine, Infusion. I knew my prose was in good hands throughout every step in the process. Frank flawlessly corrected the mechanical and grammatical needs of my essay without compromising my personal style and aesthetics. He has an intuitive understanding of both form and content, as well as a savvy sense of rhetoric that’s guaranteed to elevate your prose. And besides just being an all around lovely person, Frank conducts business professionally and always knows how to treat authorial intent with respect. I can’t recommend Frank’s editorial skills enough, especially for works of creative nonfiction. You’ll be doing your prose a disservice not to hire him!
—Colleen Mayo, Fulbright Grantee to South Korea and MFA Fiction Student at Florida State University
In my second year of teaching, I worked with Frank to polish a reflection piece I had written for the Fulbright Korea Infusion, a literary magazine published by the Korean-American Educational Commission. Unlike much of the writing I had done previously, I co-authored this particular piece with a student of mine. Given that English was not this student’s native language, I found it difficult to edit the writing while maintaining a sense of authenticity throughout. Frank’s guidance was especially helpful here; he helped me strike the right balance between a raw aesthetic and overall clarity in language, and I am grateful for his patience with helping maintain the integrity of both my, and my  student’s, writing. Many thanks, Frank, for walking me through a series of revisions—some small, some large—that allowed me to present two distinct voices on the same page.
—Andrea Sohn, Fulbright Grantee to South Korea and Content Writer